Karyl Charna Lynn
The Opera Critic
Italian Opera Houses and Festivals: Scarecrow Press, November 2005.

"I think that this idea, to make known the history and culture of our Italian opera houses, is very great and interesting, especially for people who have not had the opportunity to visit them and consequently did not see historic performances in their turn." --- Mirella Freni, world-renown Italian soprano

"This is a chatty, informative, compelling book which reflects the author"s enthusiasm for opera houses. It is an essential item to pack when heading off to Italy or to keep on your bedside table at home if all you want to do is dream about where you might go to watch opera." ---Classical Music magazine (U.K.)

"The book is packed with historical information, and each chapter and each theater has a different story, which seem to spill over as a natural ingredient of the melodramas portrayed on stage. There are also fascinating snippets quoted from newspapers of the day. We learn how the Teatro Malibran was named about the famous soprano, how the ceiling fell in the Teatro Sociale, and that the architect of Teatro Massimo Bellini had to buy his own ticket for the inauguration...This book, as well as being a traveling companion the author has envisaged, also deserves a place in a home library as a valuable reference book to dip into and consult at leisure." --- Opera Now magazine (U.K.)

Opera Companies and Houses of Western Europe, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand: A Comprehensive, Illustrated Reference: McFarland & Company, July 1999. Hardback Library Binding. Reissued as paperback, August 2008

"The range and scope are ambitions, but the readers will find they are in the hands of a fellow-traveler whose love fore opera is matched by her formidable gifts as a historian and researcher. All of these qualities are channeled into a writing style which laces factual accuracy with wit and a liberal helpings of appropriate anedcote. I commend the new vademecum to my airline hand-luggage and to you." --- Graeme Kay, editor BBC Music magazine. (U.K.)

"A companion piece to the acclaimed Opera Companies and Houses of the United States, this is the most comprehensive reference book ever written on opera companies and houses in Western Europe, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand with more than 300, from the well-known to the smallest." --- Reference magazine

"A Landmark publication. This type of book was long overdue. America has a rich history of opera houses and of opera, that until this book was terribly neglected. It is a well organized, thoughtfully written book, that covers opera houses from the first ones built in the 1700s to the most recent.... There are many very interesting photos of the opera houses, but it is a pity they could not have been in color, or at least some of them. Nevertheless, it is a wonderful resource for the opera houses in this country. And the short outline of history of opera in America is also very useful. I would highly recommend this book for anyone with an interest in opera or architecture." Wilson's Library Bulletin?

"Karyl Lynn Zietz's book is more current and differs in scope from previously written books on the subject and is recommended as a reference and research source for opera buffs through professionals."--- Choice magazine

The National Trust Guide to Great Opera Houses in America: Preservation Press/John Wiley & Sons, Inc. October 1996.

"Karyl Lynn Zietz, a noted opera expert, takes readers on a colorful state-by-state tour of America's opera houses, the first and only guide to the history and architecture of America's famous opera houses. She covers the evolution of opera hosue structure from the very first opera house to those recently built."---The Daily Journal

"Karyl Lynn Zietz's informative book tells the stories of close to 100 opera houses, complete with over 100 photos. This informative guide traces the evolution of opera houes from the first one ever built to those constructed more recently. The complete history is a wonderful jounrney into the great secrets of design. This is a book that will be appreciated by opera fans and fans of wonderful buildings alike." ---Victorian Homes

Opera Companies and Houses of the United States: A Comprehensive, Illustrated Reference: McFarland & Company, December 1994. August 2008 second edition

"In my estimation, this is a 300-page book with about 1,000 pages of information bursting out of its elegant layout: from now on this will be my Opernfuehrer for the USA and I will not get on a plane without it." ---Opera Now

"The book conveys information authoritatively with a thorough, comprehensive index. The eighty company profiles outnumber by 50 the other book on the subject, reason enough for a hearty bravo." --- Wilson Library Bulletin?

"The opera-lover for their next discovery in the Nuovo Mondo should not forget to pack this book in their suitcase." --- La rivista illustrata del Museo Teatrale alla Scala

"With Opera Companies and Houses of the United States, Karyl Lynn Zietz has once again graced us with a reference that is concise, informative, and well-written, a worthy companion to her earlier volume, Opera! The Guide to Western Europe"s Great Houses." --- Music Reference Services Quarterly?

Opera!: The Guide to Western Europe's Great Houses: JMP, April 1991.

"Opera! Is an enjoyable guide to the great houses of Europe. Karyl Lynn Zietz talks about history, architecture, and performances. Charts explaining ticket prices and information on buying tickets are very impressive. Well-illustrated too. A very useful book." ---San Diego Tribune.

"This is the book I always wanted to write...details about Western Europe's great opera houses. Stories about the stars are liberally sprinkled in this nicely-put-together, highly entertaining and informative book."---Vancouver Province.

Storia dei Teatri d'Opera Italiani: Gremese Editore, November 2001. (in Italian)

An Amish Portrait. A documentry. Produced in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.
An Amish Portrait features interviews with several Old Order Amish: a watchmaker, farmer and his two sons, and a quilt-making house-wife and her daughter. They discuss traditions, principles of Amish life as taught in Scripture, farming, education, dress, the impact of tourism on the sect, and the survival of the Amish lifestyle in light of modern influences.

?"This program is recommended not only for public libraries, but also for junior high, senior high, and college libraries. While it is intended primarily as a portrait of a religious sect, it also serves as a good introduction to the culture of a group of people who survive because they stay together." ---Rating Guide for Libraries, Vol. 1, No. 4
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An Amish Portrait